ATM S.A. signs a PLN 72.32 M agreement with the Ministry of Economy on public aid for the ATM Innovation Center

ATM S.A. signed today an agreement with the Ministry of Economy, which implements the ?Innovative Economy? Operational Programme. Under the agreement, ATM S.A. will receive

ATM S.A. signed today an agreement with the Ministry of Economy, which implements the ?Innovative Economy? Operational Programme. Under the agreement, ATM S.A. will receive public aid of PLN 72.32 M for the project ?ATM Innovation Center?, to be implemented in stages, until 2015, as a strategic investment project of the company.

The planned investment includes building the ATM Innovation Center which will develop and deploy services based on state-of-the-art ICT technologies. The new center will be an expansion of the existing ATMAN-Grochowska Telecommunications Center. The agreement value, i.e. the amount of public aid, is PLN 72,320,578.20, while the total investment costs of the project are PLN 321.33 M.

The subsidized project will be implemented in the years 2010-2015 in a number of stages, each of which will contribute to the growth of ATM S.A.?s revenues and profits as a necessary condition for commencing each next stage according to the project implementation schedule.

Modern technology, friendly to the environment and to business

As part of the project, ATM S.A. plans (among other things) to expand its existing data centers and build office rooms specifically designed for technology companies, with full access to telecommunications and IT infrastructure.

The server rooms in the ATM Innovation Center will use the latest power-saving solutions (so-called ?green? server rooms), and will effectively take advantage of the newest trends in technology. In result, the center will be unique nation-wide. It will enable the ATMAN-Grochowska Communications Center to provide professional telecommunications services, particularly colocation and hosting services, even better aligned with the needs of the market. Also, ATM S.A. will create exceptional opportunities for technology companies (especially those developing innovative products) in terms of business operations and development, among others by offering unique technical infrastructure, access to experienced specialists, and even business consulting services.

The entire project will be implemented according to a business plan which envisages that the schedule may be adjusted to the then-current market situation and demand for services.

?We are very glad that our competencies and development vision are appreciated by granting us public aid for our Innovation Center. We believe that those funds will help us to build at Grochowska Street a center at the world?s highest technological level. The technical and organizational competence level, as well as the technology level, will translate into recognition by the customers, and increased revenues,? said Maciej Krzyżanowski, Vice-President for operations, ATM S.A.

In the opinion of the ATM S.A. Management Board, we see in Poland a growing interest in advanced telecommunications services, particularly in the area of colocation and hosting. Therefore, it should be assumed that the demand for such services provided from modern server rooms will remain high for at least next several years, and the commenced investment will enable the company to successfully take advantage of that situation. ATM S.A. will strive to become a market leader in telecommunications services based on data centers, which should translate into a stable and predictable growth of revenues and profits in the next years.

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